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It has been 5 months since the launch of the new name, first in the field, and afterwards in France in April. But, more specifically, how does it go? Is this new name accepted in the field? How do the families react? Here is a small overview about the deployment of our new name. Lire la suite …

Le 2 October 2014


Djantoli services is even better as a group! That is the observation of the first mothers that have subscribed to the new combined product that Djantoli offers in partnership with ADFIME, a microfinance institution based in Karpala district, Ouagadougou. A year after the first meeting of the two organisations in Burkina-Faso, and following the signature of an official partnership convention, the five first « United Djantoli group » have been created on 15th April ! Lire la suite …

Le 18 April 2014