baniere badialan

Good news to start well the beginning of this school year: Djantoli will extend for another time in the third commune of Bamako! It is thus in a 6th health area, Badialan, that the Djantoli team will expand its action, in partnership with the health communitarian centre of the area. After Bamako Coura, Dravela, Ouolofobougou, N’Tominkorobougou and Samé, it is now time for Badialan’s health centre to join Djantoli program. Lire la suite …

Le 26 September 2014


In order to highlight the role of supervisor, we have decided to interview Issa and Kaleb, our two supervisors from Mali. They told us about their path, their role of supervisor, but as well about an assessment of 2013 as well as the objectives of 2014. Lire la suite …

Le 23 April 2014


Djantoli would like to offer good quality treatments to its subscribers increasing the biomedical analyse capacities of the health centres partners in Mali. To this end, we have decided to provide, with the help of the infectiology centre Charles Merieux of Bamako, a formation for the doctors in the health centre partners as well as for the lab technicians. Lire la suite …

Le 18 April 2014


And a fifth one! After the extension at N’Tomikorobougou last March, Pesinet launches its activities in the area called Samé in the Commune 3 in Bamako, in partnership with the local health centre. A new challenge for the Pesinet’s agents that will need to be in a great shape in order to weigh the children of this peri-urban area in the heights of Bamako. Lire la suite …

Le 29 November 2013