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In a few wordsIn a few words

In West Africa, 1 out of 6 children dies before the age of 5, and in 60% of the cases, their death is due to benign illnesses (malaria, respiratory infection, and diarrhea). These illnesses could easily be treated in the existing local medical centers, but for financial reasons, for fear or for lack of knowledge, families wait too long to bring their children to the doctor.

Djantoli helps mothers watch over the health of their children. We design and implement to sustainable solutions to facilitate and speed up care-seeking behaviour. Combining home-based monitoring, health insurance and education to prevention, we prevent diseases from arising and getting worse, so that each child gets an equal chance at growing up healthy.

The organization has been working in Mali since 2010 and Burkina Faso since 2013.


Djantoli was founded in 2007 under the name “Pesinet” by Pierre Carpentier, Antoine de Clerck and Anne Roos-Weil, three French individuals coming from different backgrounds (investment in Africa, telecommunications, social entrepreneurship), brought together by a common goal : to offer a new, more sustainable and more balanced approach to development issues. The Djantoli project was initiated in the framework of an academic program before being tested out in the field. It originated from a simple idea : that monitoring children’s weight is an easy and efficient way to monitor their health.

Since the first experiments, the project has evolved a lot :

  • September 2007 : Association Pesinet was officially founded
  • March 2008 : Launch of a pilot project in Mali
  • September 2009 : Anne Roos-Weil receives a social entrepreneur grant and becomes the full-time director of Pesinet
  • January 2010 : Official launch of the project in the Commune 3 of Bamako, in the neighbourhood of Bamako Coura, in partnership with the Ministry of Health
  • November 2011 : The project expands in other neighbourhood of Bamako’s 3rd Commune
  • March 2012 : Following the coup in Mali, the local team becomes autonomous
  • November 2012 : Pesinet launches a branch in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
  • September 2013 : Official launch of the project in Ouagadougou
  • April 2014 : Pesinet becomes Djantoli

Our principlesOur principles

Djantoli’s approach is motivated by strong beliefs :

  • The most efficient solutions are the ones designed to fit the day-to-day reality of families
  • It is essential to partner with the local health structures rather than compete with them
  • Asking a financial contribution to beneficiaries makes our solution more sustainable and families more engaged
  • Technologies offer new possibilities to increase the efficiency of our action in the field

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