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Good news to start well the beginning of this school year: Djantoli will extend for another time in the third commune of Bamako! It is thus in a 6th health area, Badialan, that the Djantoli team will expand its action, in partnership with the health communitarian centre of the area. After Bamako Coura, Dravela, Ouolofobougou, N’Tominkorobougou and Samé, it is now time for Badialan’s health centre to join Djantoli program.

IMG_1545 This new extension will allow the association to increase significantly its intervention area: Badialan’s area is composed by approximately 25 000 inhabitants including 4500 children under five years old, who could eventually subscribe to Djantoli’s services. It strengthens the NGO in the “Commune 3”, now active in six out of eight health areas of the Commune.

Mr Kaloga, president of Badialan’s communitarian health association and Boubacar Dicko, Djantoli’s coordinator in Bamako’s Commune 3, officially signed the partnership agreement last 11th September. Our teams are now recruiting new follow-up agents and train the health centre’s team in order to start the first visits in October. Meanwhile, our promotion agents are already meeting families in Badialan, in order to introduce them to our project and try to convince as many as possible to subscribe to Djantoli’s services.

 IMG_1536This extension of our activity happens thanks to the precious support of our partner, the Fondation Terre plurielle, which allows us for the second time to develop our activity in Commune 3. We thus want to warmly thanks them and wish a long life to Djantoli in Badialan!



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Le 26 September 2014

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