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It has been 5 months since the launch of the new name, first in the field, and afterwards in France in April. But, more specifically, how does it go? Is this new name accepted in the field? How do the families react? Here is a small overview about the deployment of our new name.

At the institutional level

After the first extraordinary general meeting of last 28th April that decided the change of the name, we engage ourselves through the process with the prefecture to be officially recognized with the new name… those processes were finally achieved at the end of August! French administration, when you hold us…alongside this project, we finalized the new association’s communication supports, and especially the website that was released in June.

In the field 

Our teams and partners in the field as well as all the families seem to djantoli imageeasily get used to Djantoli. Although a “Pesinet” is sometimes pronounced, it is less and less common! A child’s mother who subscribed to the service in Bamako Coura gives a testimony: “It is good that Pesinet is now Djantoli! It is in Bambara and this the language that many understand… We better understand : the agents that take care of the children, regarding healthcare, education, all of this is to take care. Thus the change of name is good because we better understand the meaning of your work…” The new name is thus generally well accepted and the teams are happy with the new visual identity that they use today to increase our visibility in the different areas. In Mali, they even decided to embellish all the office with Djantoli’s colours. Beside that, since last August, the agents are wearing yellow coats, made by a local designer, that allow them to be more recognizable and increase their credibility.

Rewards for this new identity!10696348_10150457754629963_3915280784673999939_n

Communication’s professionals have already rewarded to its fair value the strong and innovative identity created by the agency Landor for Djantoli. They have thus received a special price from the jury for the excellence in marketing price rewarded by the ADETEM on 3rd July, and has won the strategy of design category “numerical design” price in September.

We hope that this new identity will keep on seducing the partners as well as the families in order to continue together to increase the meter!

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Le 2 October 2014

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