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Djantoli’s mission is to reduce child mortality due to benign illnesses. To do so, our actions in the field aim for the following objectives:

  1. Ensure that children’s diseases are treated efficiently, by helping mothers to monitor their children’s health , lifting the barriers preventing access to healthcare, and reinforcing the capacities of local health centers to provide quality healthcare ;
  2. Prevent the onset of diseases by raising awareness of preventative health practices among mothers ;
  3. Durably strengthen the link between families and health centers by improving families’ knowledge of the services available at the local center, and reinforcing the capacities of the health centers’ staff to better welcome families.


We constantly measure our progress through internal indicators, regular surveys, and external impact assessment studies. A first external evaluation was conducted in 2012 by Marie-Pierre Gagnon, professor at the Laval University in Quebec, on our pilot project in Bamako Coura (the full report is accessible here – in French only – and a summary in English is accessible here).

To date, our results are the following :

  • Our beneficiaries seek care three times more than the local average ;
  • 93% of the children seen by a doctor after being called in via our remote monitoring were indeed sick ;
  • Partnering health centers see the number of consultations rise by 50% on average after one year with Djantoli ;
  • 4 children died out of the 3600 children we followed-up since 2010, compared to a child mortality rate of 1 out of 7.

In their wordsIn their words

  • 500F per month is affordable for what I will benefit from. You cannot predict when illnesses arrive. My child is often sick, but with Djantoli I can easily seek care for him”. Maimouna Yacounda, mother of an enrolled child in Bamako Coura.
  • When a family thanks us after going to the health center and to the pharmacy without meeting any difficulty, we know we did our job well” Issa Traoré, Djantoli’s supervisor in Bamako.
  • At the beginning, parents would always come late. But now they are more aware and they come earlier”. Doctor Cissé from the referring health center of District 3 in Bamako.
  • The training helped me to improve. Now, I do things differently when I work” Diabaté Kadiatou Traoré, laboratory technician in Bamako.

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