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Djantoli, an integrated solution to facilitate access to quality healthcareOur solution

Our solution was designed to lift all the barriers preventing access to health care in an integrated and sustainable manner. It combines three complementary activities:

  • A home-based child monitoring system, allowing for early detection of symptoms
  • A health insurance at the local health center that helps families being financially prepared when the disease arises
  • An education program promoting good health and hygiene practices that gives mothers the means to prevent diseases

We are currently working on developing a fourth line of action : working with the health centers’ teams to reinforce their capacity to provide quality services and improve patient reception.

How does it actually work ?How it works

For a small monthly fee, families voluntarily enroll their children in a comprehensive health service. Subscribing families benefit from :

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  1. Regular home visits: a Djantoli agent regularly visits families at their homes to examine children and collect simple health data (weight, fever, signs of cough, number of stools…, etc.) and offer personnalized health and nutrition advice ;
  2. Remote medical monitoring : the agent transfers the collected data to the doctor of the nearest health center thanks to a mobile application. Every day, the doctor reviews the data and calls in children at risk ;
  3. Family alert : when a child is called in, the agent immediately goes back to the family to warn the mother and ask her to rapidly bring her child to the health center ;
  4. Health insurance : when mothers bring their child to the health center, they pay only a fraction of the medical costs ;
  5. Educational talks : each month, collective talks are organized on various topics (diarrhea, malaria, breastfeeding, etc.) to raise mothers’ awareness and help them improve their health practices.

Djantoli leverages mobile and Internet technologies to improve the efficiency of the children’s follow-up. Djantoli’s software and mobile application were entirely designed and developed internally.

While we remain attentive to keeping the price of the service affordable to low-income families, we believe that asking for a financial contribution is key to the success of the project. Not only does it contribute to its financial sustainability, but it engages families in a new way. It encourages them to use the service they paid for, and, as customers, it gives them to right to demand good quality of service.

The strengths of Djantoli’s solutionOur strengths

After several years spent on the field, we are convinced that the strength of our solution lies in :

  • Presence : Djantoli teams offer a unique presence at families’ and health centers’ side, daily and extended in time ;
  • Simplicity : Our solution was designed to be very adapted to the families’ daily life and the health centers’ functioning
  • Balance : By making families contribute financially, they become our “customers” and which creates a more balanced relationship;
  • Transferability : The basics of our method can easily be adapt to different contexts. Our objective is to develop a standard turnkey solution that we’ll be able to transfer to other operators.

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