Projects in Burkina Faso 

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Burkina Faso is one of the poorest countries in the world, and ranks 183 / 187 on the Human Development Index. 1 child out of 6 does not live until the age of 5, and 60% of those deaths are due to respiratory infections, malaria, diarrheal diseases and measles. Moreover, many children suffer from malnutrition. There are medical resources available locally : the country counts more than 1500 local primary health centers that should be able to treat those diseases. And yet many barriers still prevent actual access to healthcare, such as the lack of financial means, the low level of education (the literacy rate among adults is only 28%), and the poor reception and care that patients receive too often at the health center.

Djantoli is present in Burkina Faso since November 2013. After spending a few months understanding the context, meeting the different stakeholders, building partnerships with the local authorities and designing our intervention, we started a first project mid-2014 in Ouagadougou. In 2015, we plan to expand this project as well as to launch a second project in the town of Fada.

Project in OuagadougouIn Ouagadougou

Since 2014, Djantoli works in 2 health neighbourhoods of the capital city : Pissy and Karpala. Located on the outskirts of the city, those areas are seeing their population rise significantly and in an inorganized manner due to the important rural-urban migration that prevails in the country. Inhabitants live generally in poor economic conditions and are particularly vulnerable at the sanitary level.

For a monthly fee of 1000F (approximately 2$) per child and per month, families can from now on benefit from a health service that entitles them to bimonthly visits at home or at the place of work of the mother, and an 80% discount on medication costs in our 2 partnering local health centers : the CSPS of sector 12 and the CSPS of sector 51.

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We also built partnerships with local micro-finance institutions, MUFEDE and ACFIME, enabling subscribing mothers to pay their monthly fees through micro-credit or micro-savings programs.

Djantoli’s team is Ouagadougou is currently composed of 7 people and 200 children are enrolled in the service.

Project in FadaIn Fada

Djantoli will launch in 2015 a new project in the city of Fada, located approximately 220 kilometers east of Ouagadougou. We will work in partnership with 4 local health centers. Our objective is to follow 850 children in those areas. This project, funded by the French Development Agency, will be operated in partnership with French NGO GRET.

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