Projects in Mali

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Our adventure began in Mali ! Our first pilot project started in March 2008 and proved to be successful. Hence, Djantoli moved in Bamako for good and officially launched its program in 2010 with the local health authorities.

Djantoli decided to move and start working in the District 3 of Bamako for three reasons :

  • Many health structures are present in this urban area but the population does not use them – or not enough
  • NGOs tend to neglect urban areas and prioritize rural areas
  • African populations will meet growing needs with the substantial population growth expected

Today, Djantoli covers almost the entire District 3 by working in 5 of its neighborhoods : Bamako Coura, Dravela, Ouolofobougou, N’Tominkorobougou et Samé.

Djantoli offers families a health insurance which costs 500F (approximately 1$) per child and per month. Families can then benefit from free medical appointments and half-priced drugs in our 5 partnering local health centers (one in each neighborhood).

Doctors from these health centers have received trainings on the functioning of the Djantoli service and on how to better understand, prescribe and use medical tests.

Today, Djantoli has a team of 18 employees and follows-up 1563 children in Mali !

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