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Permanent teamPermanent team

The management team is composed of 2 people :

  • Anne Roos-Weil, Executive Director of the association. She co-founded the organization and took on its full-time management in 2009.
  • A project manager who is in charge of supervizing the projects and providing technical support to local teams in the daily management of projects and in their relationships with funders.

The organization has local teams in each program country. The Malian team is composed of 21 people and the Burkina Faso team is composed of 13.


Since March, 10th 2016, Djantoli joined “Groupe SOS”, a leading player in the social sector in France.

Djantoli’s governing body is made-up of the 3 founding organizations of “groupe SOS” which are  “SOS Solidarités”, “Insertion & Alternatives” et “SOS Seniors”.

The president of Djantoli is Antoine de Clerck (since March 2016), former Treasurer of Djantoli’s association and a co-founder of the organization in 2007. After working as the Marketing Director of Orange in Mali for 4 years and Marketing Director of Meditel, Orange’s subsidiary in Marocco for another 4 years, Antoine is now “VP Sustainable Marketing” within the Corporate Social Responsibility team at Orange headquarters.


Since its inception, Djantoli has received the help of many volunteers, occasionally or regularly, on various subjects (creating communication media, documenting articles, training field teams, fundraising, conducting surveys, coordinating our management tools, etc.).

Volunteers are crucial to the development of Djantoli, because it is still a small organization with limited resources. The help and the commitment of our volunteers have always been precious to make our projects progress. We are extremely grateful to all the volunteers: without them, the project would not be what it is today.

Interested ? You can also join our team and fight child mortality by becoming a volunteer.

Our volunteers share their experiences : read their stories here >>

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